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As the story goes, his third-lieutenant, Joseph Baker, was the first to spot the mountain while they sailed into Dungeness Bay on April 30th, 1792 (Majors 1978, pgs 13-14; Vancouver 1798, pg 222).However, Spanish mariners were the first Europeans to see the Mountain , misnamed Mount Baker by the vulgar, is their northernmost buttress, up at 49° and Fraser River.The early ethnographer Albert Reagan also consulted Mc Cluskey in a short article published in 1928 (Reagan 1928, pg 347).Mc Cluskey's mother was Lummi and his father was an early pioneer in Bellingham. It is much to be regretted that the Indian names are not more often used instead of the ordinary ones given towns and boats and homes, which would be equally appropriate anywhere.

" I did not understand what he meant and asked him to tell me about the thunderbird and the thunder noise we had heard. Well, the thunderbird is many hundreds of times larger than a fish hawk.

Kulshan is an irregular, massive, mound-shaped peak, worthy to stand a white emblem of perpetual peace between us and our brother Britons.

The northern regions of Whulge [Puget Sound] and Vancouver Island have Kulshan upon their horizon.

They saw it blaze the winter before this journey of mine; for there is fire beneath the Cascades, red war suppressed where the peaks, symbols of truce, stand in resplendent quiet. (Winthrop 1862, pg 47)., as part of the Northwest Boundary Survey.

Kulshan is best seen, as I saw it one afternoon of that same August, from an upland of Vancouver Island, across the golden waves of a wheat-field, across the glimmering waters of the Georgian Sound, and far above its belt of misty gray pine-ridges. Gibbs worked as an interpreter and geologist on a team which included surveyors, topographers, astronomers, and Native American guides and porters.

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